Scottish Dancing

Scottish Country Dances

The purest form of Scottish Dancing whose standards are maintained by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) which was founded in the 1920's. A typical dance program would consist of say 24 dances - the average man in Princes Street would not have heard of any of them. The entire collection of such dances would number at least 10,000. Enthusiasts tend to dance at least once a week.

The Frank Reid band cut its teeth playing in this environment and is still actively involved with the larger events and SCD holidays with 'Furlongs Travel.' One such annual event in Brighton in November is sold out in mid June!


The reeling repertoire is a small subset of the simpler (and older) Scottish Country Dances. As the number of dances is limited it is perfectly possible to remember them all and reel only once a year. However certain movements (e.g. corners in Duke of Perth) are too complex for complete beginners and cannot be successfully called 'on the night'.

Events for the Frank Reid band in this sector include:

St Andrews Ball (Grosvenor House, Whitehall banqueting suite and currently at Porchester Hall)

Wycombe Abbey

Thistle Ball at Cheltenham Pump Rooms

The 'Reel Thing' Ball at Hammersmith Town Hall and currently at Battersea Arts Centre.  See John Carver's review of this wonderful event.


For these events we field varying band numbers from two to seven members, with the option to include a Piper.

Ceilidhs, Weddings and Parties

A growing market, driven to some extent by the runaway success of 'ceilidh dancing' in Scotland and barn dances in England, the repertoire is dictated by the need to involve everybody and is therefore restricted to dances which can be called 'on the night'.

The Frank Reid band play for many such events. A particular strength here is the unique ability (in England) to call and play at the same time. The result is that the calling does not become an end in itself and is faded out as soon as possible. Thus a long held ambition is realised - making Scottish dancing 'accessible' to a wider (and often younger) audience.

Further Information from:

Frank Reid – 07860 104653 or email

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society


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