Summer Tuesdays at Pont Street

The band plays at  about a third of the 12 or so Summer Tuesdays at St Columba's church of Scotland on Tuesday evenings between June and September.

Scottish Dancing & Ceilidhs.

These are evenings of Scottish Country Dancing which is the enthusiast’s version of Scottish Dancing. The program of dances is circulated by e-mail a week in advance and is composed of about 18 dance titles such as Angus MacLeod, Bees of Maggieknockater, The Byron Strathspey, White Heather Jig. In other words, the average man in Princes Street has never heard of any of them.

The dances are not called and therefore this is not the same format as at a wedding or ceilidh where the dances are 'entry level' - that is the average man in Oxford Street could get through them with calling. Dance such as Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow etc.

These are very informal occasions. We do not dress up and neither does anybody else. We use our second-tier kit which lives there during the summer so presentation is not key. However, because they are informal nobody minds complete strangers wandering in and having a look.


Dancing starts at 19.30 until the break at about 20.45. The second half runs from 21.15 until 22.30 (just in time for a pint!).


Have a look at our bookings page to see when we're playing.  The best time to come is at about 20.15 - 20.30 so you can see some of the action and have time for a chat during the interval. Just speak to the man at the door (most of them are called John) and they will let you in free.


From Knightsbridge tube station follow the signs in the station to Harrods. Walk down Brompton Road (A4) with Harrods on your left. You are looking for Beauchamp Place on your left which is the first serious road junction with traffic lights. Turn left and walk the length of Beauchamp Place (200 metres) to another set of traffic lights. St Columba's is a large white church on the opposite corner. Cross the road and walk across the front of the church ignoring the main stone steps. At the far corner turn right and go in the door there next to the disabled parking spot. Go downstairs into the crypt where the dancing is held.  

For more information, visit Summer Tuesdays



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